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The biggest movie award nominations came out today and to the surprise of nobody, the year's mediocre critical darling of choice got the most nods. I actually thought it was passable when I first watched it, but quite a few people called it awesome enough times to make me watch it a second time, to see if I had missed something. It only made me find it even more pointless and boring, and I ended up hating it and lowered the original rating I gave it.

But really, the worst sin of these awards is the total snubbing of "The Northman", which deserved at the very least a Best Director nomination. And while I'm very happy for "Top Gun: Maverick", "All Quiet on the Western Front", "Elvis" and, specially, "Elvis"'s frontman Austin Butler getting the recognition they of course deserve, his nomination only reminds me of how Taron Egerton was ignored three years ago for "Rocketman" while one of the worst performances I've ever seen (admittedly, by an otherwise good actor) not only got nominated but won. Really, it was the 2020 Best Actor shenanigans what made me lost what little faith I still had back then for awards, so at this point I'm just beating a dead horse.

All that said, credit where it's due: Certain uncomfortably revisionist movie everyone was calling a shoo-in for multiple nominations too was ignored, so that automatically means the academy has at the very least a saner head on its shoulders than some other award voters.