Luis Orduz


Not everything is programming and, thus, this page is about what I like... besides programming.


I like cinema. I've watched and enjoyed many movies of every genre and different time periods. I don't go out of my way to watch old movies (and this is why I don't consider myself a "cinephile") because I prefer contemporary stuff, but I do watch oldies every now and then.

I like movies so much I have fairly active profiles in criticker and imdb, check them out if you want to see what movies I've watched, reviews, etc.


I like music and I listen to many genres, though I generally prefer contemporary commercial music: mostly rock and some pop. I also enjoy jazz and classical from time to time.

Given that I'm usually most interested in the vocals, I tend to prefer properly trained singers. This is why I listen to a lot of showtunes or opera, and not that many instrumentals.


I used to read a lot of fiction, before I got my first computer. I'm trying to pick the habit back up and I'm reading and planning to read several classics and contemporary novels.