Python (90%)

Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, Celery, PyTest

Operations (70%)

Bash, Ansible, Docker, Git, CI

Frontend (80%)

VueJS, Jest, Flux, jQuery, React

Process (90%)

Scrum, TDD, Clean Architecture

Infrastructure (70%)

PostgreSQL, Nginx, Docker

Presentation (90%)

Jinja (HTML Templates), SCSS

On learning

Having shown these pies, it goes without saying that the percentages there are mostly presumptions of mine. One can't know with 100% certainty how much one knows about these technologies because, in this beautiful field, things change rapidly.

That said, I am confident to say that my primary skill is learning. I've always been a fast learner (for example, I graduated high school when I was 13) and picking stuff up is what I do best. I got my very first job fresh after graduating and yet, four months later, I had already gotten a raise.

So, consider my skills above not as a metric of how well I know these technologies and principles, but on how well/quickly I think I can pick them up and adapt them to a project based on my experience on them.