Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, uWSGI, Nose


Bash, Ansible, Docker, Git, CI


VueJS, jQuery, Karma, AngularJS


Scrum, TDD


PostgreSQL, Nginx, Docker


Jinja (HTML Templates), SCSS

On learning

Having shown these pies, it goes without saying that the percentages there are mostly presumptions of mine. One can't know with 100% certainty how much one knows about these technologies because, in this beautiful field, things change rapidly.

That said, I am confident to say that my primary skill is learning. I've always been a fast learner (for example, I graduated high school when I was 13) and picking stuff up is what I do best. I got my very first job fresh after graduating and yet, four months later, I had already gotten a raise.

So, consider my skills above not as a metric of how well I know these technologies and principles, but on how well/quickly I think I can pick them up and adapt them to a project based on my experience on them.