Luis Orduz

Software Engineer


On Work

I like helping people with improving their code—including where that code lives and how it's written and deployed—and I'm sure I can help you if you're currently facing problems with too much technical debt, a slow or tediously manual development cycle, low testing coverage, problems with observability or management of deployments, difficulty with feedback loops in the process, or most other problems related to delivering a functional application.

Working together, I can help you or your team turn those technical liabilities into technical assets.

I have ten years of experience (not counting college) primarily with web development, and I know a thing or two about writing maintainable code both in the backend (mostly Python; Go to a lesser extent) and the frontend in JS/TS. I've had responsibilities both updating legacy applications and migrating them to more modern stacks and I've also written applications from scratch and taken them to MVP status and beyond. This is to say, I have experience with making decisions on architecture and infrastructure, and I've also led and mentored other developers.

If this sounds like something you need a(n extra) hand with, hit me up, or if you want details on my experience, it's here.

Small disclaimer: I'm happy to help any team that comes my way with any issues the team might be facing, but I must confess that while I enjoy UX work, I prefer core business logic or infrastructure and architecture work a little bit more.